Hangar lima North

Hangar lima North

Project Specifications

  • A 42,000 square foot pre-engineered metal building incorporating concrete tilt-wall construction of the building’s shell
  • West and East elevations include new 120 foot and 100 foot by 28 foot tall mechanically-controlled sliding hangar doors
  • Complete site development including approximately 32,600 square feet of new concrete paving ramps and 14,000 square feet of asphaltic paving taxi lane and parking areas
  • Site utilities including new electrical switch and transformer vaults, large-capacity septic tank system, and 200+ linear feet of underground stormwater trench drain/retention pipe system
  • Complete build-out of approximately 2,900 square feet of a two-level creative office space

“Simply put, Centrex cares. They care about the process and the final result. There were no surprises.”

–Rocky Dixon, Endeavour Capital, Founding Partner