No more feeling stuck in the middle

What is Build+™ and why should you care?

By refining our Build+™ approach over the past 40 years, Centrex provides you with superior design and construction efficiency. Let us handle the myriad of interactions for you: the governing jurisdictions, the engineers, the vendors, the suppliers, and the sub-contractors.

With Centrex, your project is fully coordinated

From design through construction, you will have a single point of contact

Build+™ gives you the answers to these vital questions:

“What am I going to build?”

“What will it cost?”

“How long will it take?”

“What is my risk?”

“What are my odds for success?”

“What are my opportunities?”

Testimonials from Centrex Clients

Build+™ delivers the best, most accurate real-time data, and at a lower cost compared to traditional models.

Mitigate your development risk and reduce your overall cost

Build+™ Takes the Headache Out of Design and Construction

No more feeling stuck in the middle, hoping for a good outcome

Centrex defends your best interest

Through the power of Build+™, Centrex defends your best interest—from site selection to ribbon cutting.

Gain clear visibility to make the right decisions, at the right time. Get your facility at best possible cost.

This is what Build+™ looks like.